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I creatively communicate my inspiration to help others.

(and It helps me too!)


Hey Super Star!


I'm Elle . I'm a mindfulness coach,  a meditation & visualization leader, an authenticity seeker, a poetry writer, a truth speaker, a curious explorer of souls, and an enthusiast of deep & transformational  listening.

I cant wait to hear what you have to say!

Nothing makes me happier than helping someone come into their TRUE POWER.

I used to be a firm believer in setting expectations for life but the weight of those expectations, dreams, hopes and goals sat heavy, like the weight of the world, on my shoulders.

I thought to myself: There has to be another way. Thats when I began the quest to discover how to live a LIGHTER LIFE. 

As I embarked on this journey (studying eastern philosophies, buddhist teachings, soulful poetry and earning my Professional Coaching Certification)  I was tickled to find that everyone on this earth (yes, INCLUDING YOU, MY DARLING) is WHOLE and RESOURCEFUL.

That Means, you have ALL THE POWER in this big beautiful UNIVERSE to answer your own questions, solve your own problems, and live a lighter life that is so far beyond your dreams (WARNING: the possibilities ARE imaginable).  

You already KNOW what you have to do. You have all of the ANSWERS.

Sometimes it is just a matter of having the right person to ask you the RIGHT QUESTIONS. 

     Thats me!       Curious          Question        Connoisseur         

     Thats me!

      Curious          Question        Connoisseur         

LETS GET CURIOUS about what wants to be alive within you, and how you're going to achieve it. Lets find out what you're MEANT to do in this world, why your beautiful soul is here. 

LETS GAIN INSIGHT by learning together, trying on different points of view, hanging out with your feelings, getting in touch with your true authentic self, and SHIFTING YOUR PERSPECTIVES.

LETS LIGHT UP YOUR LIFE with more self love than you knew you had in ya'. With mindfulness, gratitude and compassion for yourself and others. with journaling and meditation to get deeper into your soul's desires. By letting go of expectations and SETTING THE BEST OF INTENTIONS. 

If you could use:

-a fierce believer in you

-an enthusiastic cheerleader to listen and hold space for whatever becomes present  

-A courageous navigator who is not afraid to help you explore your darkness

-a beaming ray of support when you come out on the other side, watching you radiate your SHINING LIGHT. 

I'm your gal!

Lets start making SHIFTS HAPPEN!


Cant wait to chat!






Street Cred:

 Certified Professional   Coach, Coaching for         Transformation 

 Certified Professional   Coach, Coaching for         Transformation 


"I began working with Elle about a year ago. It was difficult at first to open up but everything I said was met with compassion and withoutjudgement. I felt weighted with the "coulda shoulda woulda", stuck in the past and unsure of the future. My mindset has forever been shifted after my sessions with Elle. I feel confident in my ability to shape the life I want to have. Thanks Elle for guiding me and helping me find the tools within."-Allison G.
"Elle has really opened up my mind to guided meditations. Any that I tried in the past via in-person or audio were either too religious or not relatable, therefore lost my attention quickly. But Elle's voice and tone grabs you right from the first sentence and keeps you listening and interested the entire time. I've done a handful of mediations with Elle, all have been different, as well as intriguing and have led to a great realization of my current state and what's important for the future. You should see for yourself! "- Maggie M.
"Throughout my time working with Elle,I have seen a profound change in my life. Each session leads to an epiphany and a more thorough understanding of how to best support myself, in my own process, toward achieving the life that I want to live. She has instilled in me that I have all the resources inside myself to create the positive changes I want and need for my life. I am regularly challenged to think more creatively, deeply, and to clearly align my perceptions and views of the world with my core values. For the first time, I can say that I am genuinely happy with my life, myself, and feel empowered with the world that I have created. She has given me the tools and resources I need to identify and manage sabotaging and negative self-talk. Elle has skillfully provided a safe environment that has been facilitative to growth and forward movement. Her investment of time, active listening, strength building, and heartfelt advice is unparalleled. It feels as though she’s standing there with me on my journey, reassuring me and shining light along the way.I am grateful and proud that I have successfully practiced self-forgiveness and learned to recognize and love myself again. This newfound confidence and self-actualization is priceless. It has been my pleasure to work with a life coach possessing integrity, honesty, empathy, warmth, humor & skill. I have internalized these skills, and they will with stay with me forever."-Erica F